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Wind in babies

Do I even need to burp my baby?  What causes wind and what can I do? 

wind in babies

Many babies bring up a bubble of air during or soon after a feed. This is referred to as wind. Some parents spend a lot of time trying to 'burp' their baby and this can be tiring when there may be no wind to bring up. 

Often just lifting your baby to your shoulder after a feed can be enough. Some mums don't even worry about it at all.   

Everyone swallows air when they eat and it’s not usually a problem. However, some babies take in more air during feeds or have trouble bringing up or passing wind. They might make faces and seem uncomfortable but it doesn't necessarily mean they are in pain. Many babies will hiccup at times too. This is normal and doesn't mean they have air trapped.  

If you are concerned about your baby being windy and want to help them burp, there are some things you can try.

Hold baby upright

  • This helps the bubble of wind to rise. 

  • Put baby against your shoulder and gently rub or pat their back. 

  • Sit your baby on your lap with one hand under their chin and the other on their back and gently rub or pat their back. 

  • Lay your baby back to your lap for about a minute, then gently raise to a sitting position, keeping their back straight. This can help the air bubble to rise. 

Apply gentle pressure to baby’s tummy 

  • Lay your baby with their tummy along your forearm: baby’s head near the crook of your elbow and your hand holding the nappy area. Dads often do this well if they have large forearms.  

  • Drape your baby across one of your thighs, so there is gentle pressure on the tummy area. Support baby’s head with one hand and gently rub their back with the other.  


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