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Training for community workers


We offer a nationally recognised short course, designed to teach mentoring skills and basic breastfeeding information to people who support breastfeeding in a diverse community.

  •  10961NAT Course in Community Breastfeeding Mentoring 

About the course 

The 10961NAT Course in Community Breastfeeding Mentoring is a nationally recognised short course offered by ABA designed to teach mentoring skills and basic breastfeeding information to people who support breastfeeding in the communities. The course is particularly suitable for use with culturally and linguistically diverse and Indigenous community groups or those working with these groups. 

We have successfully delivered training to:

  • community members
  • Aboriginal health workers
  • community health service staff
  • child protection staff
  • health and social welfare service employees.

The course covers:

Mentoring skills such as

    • active listening
    • empathy
    • cultural respect
    • confidentiality
    • encouragement and support
    • where to refer mothers for further support

Breastfeeding knowledge such as

    • the importance of breastfeeding
    • the establishment and maintenance of breastfeeding
    • ‘normal’ infant behaviours
    • Identifying common breastfeeding problems and inaccurate breastfeeding information


Delivery of the course

The Australian Breastfeeding Association delivers this course as an interactive workshop with small group learning activities. Workshop attendance is limited to a maximum of 15 participants. Workshops with more than 8 registered participants are facilitated by 2 trainers to ensure all participants are fully supported in their learning and assessment activities.


two dawork shop: with integrated learninand assessment activities. All participants attending a two day workshop will receive a certificate of attendance. Participants who also successfully completethe integrated workshop assessments will receive anationally recognised statement of attainment for the course.

CERPs and MidPLUS points can be allocated (on prior request).


Between $5,000 and $5,500 (max 15 participants) plus additional costs.


Workshop costs listed above DO NOT include:

  • Travel and accommodation of trainer/s. Please note: Wherever possible ABA will endeavour to use local training personnel to reduce or eliminate travel and accommodation costs.
  • Venue costs. Please note: Specific requirements and standards for training venues apply. Contact ABA for further information about venue requirements.
  • Any catering
  • Promotion of the workshop by ABA


Workshop/participant costs DO include:

  • Workshop promotional material
  • 12 months membership of the Australian Breastfeeding Association
  • Course enrolment and certificates of attendance
  • Course materials and resources. This includes a Learner Handbook, Community Breastfeeding Mentor Flipbook and other resources
  • Assessment resources and certification where applicable.
  • Arrangement of CERPsorMidPLUS points on priorrequest

Supporting diverse communities

Shepparton Council has used this course to help mothers in a strong Arabic community get the support they need, in their own language. This is just one example of how we can help you connect with diverse communities.


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