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Trainer and assessor requirements

To comply with our legislative requirements, we have rules governing our trainer and assessor requirements. These cover

Qualifications and general requirements

For Breastfeeding Education course/s

You must hold one or more:

  • 10280NAT Certificate IV in Breastfeeding Education 
  • 10243NAT Diploma of Breastfeeding Management
  • 10170NAT Course in Community Breastfeeding Mentoring (short course)


As of 1 July 2019, only a person who holds one of the following credentials can deliver training and assessment:

  1. TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment
  2. TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment plus the following units:
    • either TAELLN411 Address adult language, literacy and numeracy (LLN) skills, or TAELLN401A, and
    • either TAEASS502 Design and develop assessment tools, or TAEASS502A or TAEASS502B
  3. A Diploma or higher level qualification in adult education.

Assessment may be undertaken by a person who holds one of the above credentials or the TAESS00011 Assessor Skill Set or both the TAESS00001 Assessor Skill Set and TAEASS502 Design and develop assessment tools.
In addition to the qualification requirements outlined above, trainers or assessors must also possess vocational competencies to at least the assessment level. You will also need current industry skills and knowledge in training and learning.

NB: To deliver and assess the Diploma course, you must also have the10243NAT Diploma of Breastfeeding Management and AND relevant health professionalqualifications (egIBCLC)

Please Note:- These Training and assessment Courses are not available in ABA's scope of registration so we do not offer these courses.

If you want to get qualified in these, you may get them done externally. For more info click here.

General requirements

  • demonstrate vocational competencies at least to the level being delivered and assessed;
  • demonstrate current industry skills directly relevant to training and assessment being provided
  • demonstrate knowledge and skills in vocational training and learning that informs their training and assessment.
  • continue to develop their VET knowledge and skills, keeping current with their industry and trainer/assessor competence.

Roles and responsibilities

Please read and understand the position description for:

Keeping your information current

To comply with RTO legislation, we need your vocational experience to be current. You can update your details via MY ABA. This helps monitor your training progress, and ensure our trainers are:

  • keeping their industry skills current
  • continuing to develop their VET knowledge and skills

Recertification – every 2 years

To continue as a trainer or assessor, you must complete our Training Recertification and Update form on a 2-yearly basis (the date will be stated on your appointment letter).  

This is also part of our quality review processes and allows volunteers to review their commitment to deliver training and or assessment within the Association.

Working with Children Check and equivalent check

Under the States legislation, people who are doing child-related work and who are not exempt need a WWCC.

This applies to both paid and volunteer workers.

ABA is a baby and child friendly environment. That means you are able to talk face-to-face or have physical contact with a child during training. You are required to have a WWCC under this circumstances.

You need to make sure you always have a current check and you need to provide the new expiry date or information (if any) when you renew the check.

Please visit the states and territories websites for the application and contact your Branch Training Manager for the signature:

ABA training signature

In the VET system the signatures of trainers and assessors are used to verify the attendance and assessment outcomes of learners.

It is important that trainers and assessors sign learners work when needed.

To reduce issues with potential fraud and misuse of signatures we recommend that you create a specific signature for your training and assessment role within ABA that is different to the signature you use for banking and other purposes. This is the signature that you would then consistently use to sign training documents and verify learners work.

Application to become Trainer and/or Assessor form

Ready to apply?

Please complete the application to become trainer and/or assessor form online.

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