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ABA’s Breastfeeding Education Classes and Breastfeeding Education Live sessions can help you reach your breastfeeding goals.

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Smart move to learn all about breastfeeding before your baby is born! It can be a bit overwhelming to be trying to learn when your baby has arrived and you're still recovering from the birth. Right now you have more time to take in the information and seek answers to your questions.

What will we learn?

ABA's breastfeeding education workshops are designed for pregnant women and their support people (partner, mother or friend) and are delivered by qualified breastfeeding counsellors and educators.  

Everyone leaves with: 

  • up-to-date facts 

  • resources 

  • where to find help. 

Your partner is your biggest support

Your support person is welcome to come along FREE.  

Together, you will learn: 

  • how breastmilk is produced 

  • how to position and attach baby to the breast  

  • how to tell if baby is getting enough milk 

  • how to increase milk supply 

  • what to expect in the early weeks

  • easy solutions to common challenges.  

Making breastmilk comes naturally. The early weeks are when you and your baby learn how to breastfeed.

"I attended a breastfeeding class when I was pregnant with my son. I didn't know at the time, but dragging my husband along was the best thing I could ever do. He remembered everything they spoke about and, at 3 am, when I was ready to stop breastfeeding and escape the screaming baby, pain and sleep deprivation, my husband suggested freezing some wet nappies, reminded me why I wanted to breastfeed in the first place and encouraged me to persevere and call the Breastfeeding Helpline in the morning."