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Commonly asked questions

Do I need to prepare for breastfeeding?

Some women find breastfeeding goes smoothly right from the beginning but for most women there are a few challenges to overcome when they get started. Once they’ve found their rhythm most women enjoy breastfeeding and are glad they put in that early work. Our top four tips for preparing for breastfeeding are; 

  1. Learn everything you can before birth (attend a breastfeeding workshop)  
  2. Set up your village/support network  
  3. Know where you can get help (National Breastfeeding Helpline 1800 mum 2 mum 1800 686 268) 
  4. Be kind to yourself (it can be hard in the beginning, but it gets easier).  

Heard of making a 'Birth plan'? You can also make a 'Breastfeeding plan'. Find out more.

Why should I book a breastfeeding class? 

Knowledge is key, especially when you’re up in the middle of the night with a new baby.  Many mums comment that it was the best bit of pre-birth preparation they did! ABA offer weekly Breastfeeding Preparation Session (BPS) online sessions as well as in-person Breastfeeding Education Classes (BEC) at various locations. Find out more about our education options here

Want to meet with other pregnant mums?

Reach out to your local ABA support group to find your ‘village’. ABA groups can provide a vital support network to help you reach your breastfeeding goals, whatever they may be. Every group is a judgement-free space led by qualified breastfeeding counsellors and breastfeeding educators. Find your local support group

Do I need a breast pump to start breastfeeding? 

Breast pumps are often on the 'official' list of must-have items. But breast pumps can be an added expense and aren’t always necessary. It’s more convenient and effective to feed your baby at the breast - than to spend precious time expressing when you have a newborn! 

If your healthcare provider suggests you express (in addition to regular feeds) to increase your milk supply, ABA hires hospital-grade breast pumps - with 50% off hire rates for members.   Find out more  

Points to discuss with your employer before going on maternity leave

Combining work and breastfeeding is certainly possible, and it’s made easier by aiding your employer to be supportive. Most do wish to be supportive, but they don’t know how or don’t want to make assumptions as to what is important for you.

Discuss your intentions as early as possible, ideally before you go on maternity leave. Find out more

Our tip? Learn as much as you can about how breastfeeding works and common baby behaviours.

Knowing what's normal can be very reassuring when everything is new for you.

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Breastfeeding: a practical guide

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