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Breastfeeding Welcome Here venues

You have the right to breastfeed anywhere in public. 

The Australian Breastfeeding Association's Breastfeeding Welcome Here venues initiative improves community support and awareness of breastfeeding in public by promoting breastfeeding supportive premises.

What sort of venues participate?

These venues include but are not limited to: 

  • Cafés 
  • Hairdressers 
  • Community centers 
  • Public Libraries

How does this support you and your baby?

Breastfeeding Welcome Here venues support your right to breastfeed and help to promote it by displaying a Breastfeeding Welcome Here sticker on their premises. This helps you to recognise Breastfeeding Welcome Here venues.  

What is a Breastfeeding Welcome Here venue?

In order to become a Breastfeeding Welcome Here venue, a business must have: 

  • ABA’s Breastfeeding Welcome Here venue sticker displayed 
  • A welcoming attitude from staff and management 
  • A smoke free environment 
  • Room to move a pram