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Discover our accessible Baby Care Rooms across Australia

Our initiative strives to enhance your breastfeeding journey by identifying venues equipped with proper feeding and care amenities, fostering a more inclusive and supportive environment for you.

Discover the comfort and convenience of Baby Care Rooms—a haven for mothers, families, and caregivers to cater to the needs of their little ones. From diaper changes to feeding, including breastfeeding, expressing breastmilk, and food preparation, these rooms offer a safe and hygienic environment. Located in shopping centers, community spaces, and government buildings, they are easily accessible for families on the go. Experience peace of mind knowing you have a dedicated space to nurture your baby's needs wherever you go.

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Discovering Baby Care Room amenities and features!

Easily Accessibly

These rooms are conveniently accessible to the public, especially for mums and caregivers with prams. It's crucial to consider the doorway size and ease of door opening to accommodate parents with children.

Comfortable Seating Options

Discover comfortable chairs placed next to a side table, complete with easy access to power points. This thoughtful setup ensures that mums and users can comfortably place their expressing equipment and other essentials nearby for added convenience.

Changing Facilities

Changing facilities are easily accessible and separate from general toilets. Change tables should adhere to Australian standards and have all safety features in proper working order.

Easy Access to Washing Facilities

The sink is designed to make washing both feeding/expressing equipment and hands hassle-free, complete with hot and cold running water, ensuring it meets the needs of mums, families and caregivers with convenience in mind.

Welcoming Atmosphere

The Baby Care Room aims to foster a warm and friendly environment for mums, families and caregivers. It serves as a comforting retreat, offering caregivers a brief respite from the hustle and bustle of the outside world while tending to the needs of infants and young children.

Toddler activites

Baby care rooms are frequented by families with multiple children. Offering interactive activities in both the parenting room and private spaces to entertain toddlers can be incredibly helpful. This might include wall-mounted activities, interactive screens, secured play area or TVs playing age-appropriate shows to keep little ones engaged and happy.

Look out for the Breastfeeding is Welcome Everywhere sticker!


You'll spot these stickers right at the entrances of rooms designated as a Baby Care Room. Keep an eye out for the displayed certificate too!

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Looking to achieve recognition for your venue as a Baby Care Room?

Join us in creating a welcoming space for mums, families and caregivers ensuring convenience and comfort for all caregivers.