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Discover a recognised Breastfeeding is Welcome Everywhere venue near you!

The BWE program aims to promote a supportive and inclusive environment for breastfeeding mothers and their families. It signifies that establishments or venues displaying the BWE sticker welcome breastfeeding mothers to breastfeed while they are out and about.

For mums, this means you can feel confident and comfortable breastfeeding in these spaces, knowing that you have the support of the staff. It's about creating a supportive culture where breastfeeding is normalised and celebrated, allowing mums to feed their babies whenever and wherever they need to. 

So when you see the BWE sticker, you can rest assured that you're entering a welcoming space where you and your baby are embraced with warmth and acceptance, making your breastfeeding journey a little easier.

Discover nearby Breastfeeding is Welcome Everywhere venue with ease!

Explore our interactive map online to locate a convenient Breastfeeding is Welcome Everywhere venue near you.

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You have the right to breastfeed anywhere in public.


In Australia, mothers have the legal right to breastfeed in public spaces. This right is protected by law, ensuring that mothers can breastfeed their babies wherever they feel comfortable and without fear of discrimination. This means that mothers can breastfeed in cafes, parks, shopping centers, and other public places without being asked to leave or cover up.

What sort of venues participate?

These venues include but are not limited to: 

  • Cafés 
  • Hairdressers 
  • Community centres 
  • Public libraries

How does this support you and your baby?

Venues participating in Breastfeeding is Welcome Everywhere support your right to breastfeed and actively promote it by showcasing a designated sticker on their premises.

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What is a Breastfeeding Welcome Here venue?

In order to become a Breastfeeding is Welcome Everywhere venue, a business needs: 

  • To be publicly accessible
  • To have employees and management with welcoming attitudes

Is your local breastfeeding friendly on our map?

  • Chat with the venue owner about the program and get their permission
  • The venue can register or you can register on their behalf

Register a venue here

Look out for the Breastfeeding is Welcome Everywhere sticker!

You'll spot these stickers right at the entrances of venues recognised as Breastfeeding is Welcome Everywhere.

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