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Volunteer in your local group

There are many great reasons to volunteer!

You will: 

  • Connect with your local community and meet like-minded people 

  • Become an active part of your community and help leave a legacy 

  • Use your existing skills to benefit your community and develop new skills in a supportive environment 

Every ABA local group is unique. Volunteer roles vary to meet group and community needs, and tasks vary in size.  

You could:

Support local group activities

The smooth running of our activities is aided by group volunteers. Taking on tasks such as setting up for an Info and chat session, picking up morning tea supplies or welcoming newcomers supports the counsellor or educator leading the activity. 

Volunteer at a community event

When groups hold promotional and fundraising activities they welcome volunteers to assist with tasks such as setting up, greeting visitors and handing out promotional materials. There are also 'behind the scenes' tasks to be done in the lead up to the event. 

Be a group volunteer

Local groups are successful when organisational tasks are shared. Support ABA by taking on a group volunteer role: send a welcome to new members; post about upcoming activities on social media; manage the group library; update the online group calendar. There's a role for everyone in the local group!

If you're a member, log in to read more about our local group roles.

Group activities organiser

Group communications facilitator

Why get involved?

Belinda, Melbourne

Volunteering for ABA has given me a purpose (other than mothering) during my leave from paid work and as I feel so passionately about breastfeeding.

Louise, Sydney

I am happy about volunteering as it is a way to contribute to the community. ABA, I am comfortable and feel supported…  By volunteering, you are contributing to a good cause for mothers and babies. 

Erin, Townsville

Volunteering with ABA gave me an opportunity to give back to a group who helped me, also to do something else whilst raising my children that used my brain a bit as I wasn’t working anymore.

Rebekah, Perth

Volunteering with ABA has increased my confidence, particularly when I was on maternity leave. 

Bec, Melbourne

I have fine tuned my budgeting skills and learnt how to apply for grants, as well as a lot of informal breastfeeding and mothering knowledge. I would recommend volunteering with ABA to anyone. 

Ready to start volunteering?

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