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Volunteering with your local group

There are many great reasons to volunteer with your local group. You will:

  • Connect with your local community and find like-minded people
  • Become an active part of your community and help leave a legacy
  • Use existing skills to benefit your community and develop new skills in a supportive environment

Every ABA local group is unique. Roles within a local group vary to meet group and community needs. Local volunteering tasks and roles:

  • vary from small to large
  • might involve regular attendance at group meetings while others are behind the scenes
  • can be in volunteer teams or stand alone
  • might be ongoing, while others are one-off

Any time you have will help your local group thrive and support local mothers and babies.

Click the links to find out more about local group roles which:

  • Require some basic skills
  • Involve regular attendance at group meetings
  • Happen behind the scenes
  • Put you in a volunteer team
  • Can be done independently
  • Require ongoing commitment or a few hours fortnightly
  • Require just a small amount of time or are one-off
  • Need some of your time a few times a year

What do you need to do to be an ABA volunteer in your local area?

All ABA volunteers need to undertake a basic online induction to Workplace Health and Safety.

Some volunteering roles in your local group require ABA membership and an agreement to abide by ABA’s Code of Ethics. These volunteers are also encouraged to undertake an induction to volunteering with ABA. All members can access this as an online presentation through the member-only My ABA page. You can find out more by talking to your local group leader.

Essential Group Roles

Group Leader: Is responsible for the cohesive bonding of the group. Group leaders are breastfeeding counsellors or community educators, and are responsible for ensuring that discussion meetings are held on a regular basis.

Group Treasurer: Keeps all financial records for the group. The Group Treasurer does not need financial qualifications, though some basic bookkeeping skills are desirable.

Group Membership Secretary: Encourages ABA membership within the group and maintains group membership records.

Other group roles

Group Raffle Coordinator: Coordinates the sale of the National Raffle tickets sales by local group members (usually held February to May each year).

Group Electronic Communications Secretary: Sends out electronic reminders/updates to group members about forth coming events.

Group Web Content Administrator: Updates the group’s webpage and/or other social media sites with group events and relevant contact details.

Group Online Moderator: Moderates groups social media sites.

Group Bulletin Editor: Collates articles, edits and produces the group bulletin.

Group Publicity Officer: Publicises local group, branch and national activities.

Group Sales Coordinator: Promotes, and where relevant, stocks some items from the ABA/Mothers Direct range of literature and mothering aids to sell to local members and the wider community.

Group Community Education Coordinator: Coordinates the roster and resources for volunteers to participate in local community education events. Where relevant may also liaise with organisations.

Group Fundraising Coordinator: Coordinate the groups fundraising activities.

Group Library Coordinator: Organises, promotes and cares for the group library.

Group Project Officer: Organises, in conjunction with the Group Leader, the setting up, promotion and sale of any group projects.

Group Venue Liaison: Books venues on behalf of the group. Acts as the group representative on any committees or meetings that are required by the group as part of their room hire agreement.

Group Equipment Officer: Keeps track of group equipment, conducts an annual audit of group equipment. Ensures electric equipment is tested and tagged annually.

Group Locality Contact: Supports the mothers in her locality and is available as a contact person. Locality contacts usually function in large groups or where membership covers a wide geographical area.

Group Meeting Host: Welcomes everyone attending group meetings and introduces newcomers.

Group Births Secretary: Sends a congratulatory card on behalf of the group to members who have a new baby.