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Training complaints and appeals form

Who should use this form: 
Anyone wishing to make a complaint or appeal relating to ABA training or assessment
For help with this form contact: or call 03 9690 4620


ABA encourages learners and training personnel to first raise issues of concern informally with the person(s) concerned.

If you prefer not to approach the person directly, or if the issue cannot be resolved informally to your satisfaction, use this form to lodge a formal complaint.

For any matters relating to ABA services other than training, use this Complaints and appeals form.


Your details
Complainant details
Nature of complaint or appeal
This information will help us direct your complaint to the right area within ABA
Complaint or appeal details
Please complete the following information and attach any relevant documentation

What happens next?

Training Administration will determine who is the person responsible for resolving your complaint or appeal.

The person responsible for the resolution process will contact you within 7 days.

This person will investigate the matter and report back to you within a further 14 days.

See our Complaints and appeals procedure for more details.