BFW Resources for Mothers

ABA booklets - The ABA produces a number of hard copy booklets, brochures and other resources that will be very helpful for mothers who wish to return to work and continue to breastfeed. Booklets that are especially helpful for mothers who are returning to work are:

  • Breastfeeding: expressing and storing breastmilk
  • Breastfeeding: women and work
  • Breastfeeding: an introduction
Please download and complete the order form below to order one or more of these three booklets.
The full selection of ABA booklets is available via the ABA Breastfeeding Resources Catalogue which can be downloaded from the ABA products page.

Breastfeeding Education Classes for Expectant Parents - Althought breastfeeding is natural, it doesn't always come easily and is a learned art. The aim of the Breastfeeding Education Class is to provide expectant parents with the knowledge and confidence to successfully breastfeed. Classes are designed for expectant parents to prepare for the vital days, weeks and months after baby's birth, and are held in various locations around Australia. Find a location near you

A Caregiver's Guide to the Breastfed Baby - A useful leaflet to download and give to anyone who might be caring for your baby while you work. It will help the caregiver confidently manage expressed breastmilk feeds and has guides for the storage and handling of breastmilk.

Suggestions on Using an Electric Breast Pump - This downloadable leaflet aims to help you to use your electric breast pump well so that you can provide your breastmilk for your baby.

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