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Creating a breastfeeding and work plan that works for you!

How do I keep breastfeeding when I go back to work?

Having a plan in place can make the transition back to work easier. This way, you can easily include breastfeeding in your work schedule!


As you start thinking about your options to combine breastfeeding and work, you might have many questions.

  • Can I even keep breastfeeding once I'm back at work?

  • Will my workplace make it possible for me?
  • How will I manage expressing?
  • Where do I even begin in planning my return?


​​We are here to make it a little easier for you with our return to work plans!

ABA has Breastfeeding Plans to help you on your breastfeeding journey with confidence. Additionally, we provide Return-to-Work Plans for when you're ready for that next step. These plans also empower you to communicate your needs and and your commitment to continuing your breastfeeding journey while transitioning back to work.

Preparing during pregnancy before maternity leave


During your maternity leave

Think about your breastfeeding options for when you return to work. Combining breastfeeding and work can be done in a number of ways. Whether you will express and / or breastfeed your baby during your workday, or even spend some days working from home will depend on your work situation and childcare arrangements. 

Different mums combine breastfeeding and working in different ways. You might:

  • express at work
  • breastfeed your baby at work if they are close enough to your work place and can be brought to you
  • go to your baby for breastfeeds if you have childcare onsite
  • combine breastfeeding and formula feeding.

Several months before you return to work

Just before you start back

  • Plan your work clothes if you'll be expressing at work.
  • Think about what you'll need to carry to and from work - pumping equipment, bottles, cooler bag. etc
  • Check in with your baby's carer and update them with your breastfeeding situation.

When considering the day-to-day routine, it may help to have a few practise runs. Getting ready for work and having baby ready for care can be a bit of a juggle. You might like to feed baby just before leaving for work and prepare for a re-connecting feed as soon as you are reunited. 

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