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Expressing - getting the milk to flow

The key to getting more milk is triggering your let-down reflex.



Relaxation, warmth and gentle massage can help. 

massage while pumping

Many mums find they can only express a tiny amount. This doesn’t mean they don't have any milk. It's often because their let-down reflex hasn’t yet been triggered so the milk doesn’t flow.

Your let-down is a conditioned response. This is a good thing because there are so many steps you can take to encourage it!  

Helping your milk to flow

Normally, your baby plays a big role in assisting your let-down. When you're expressing, you may need some help to get your milk to flow. 

Try these suggestions. 

Remember... how much you can pump isn't related to how much your baby takes. Pumping and hand expressing are skills that can take practice.

An ABA breastfeeding counsellor can give you ideas and encouragement as you learn.  

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