Health professionals

The Australian Breastfeeding Association specialises in providing high-quality research and information about human lactation.

We support Health and Community professionals by providing

Our comprehensive education and research helps to promote understanding of the scientific basis of breastfeeding.

Training and Education

We provide accredited training in lactation management for Health and Community professionals.

  • Diploma of Breastfeeding Management
  • Seminars and Conferences
  • Distance Study Modules (IBLCE CERPs)
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Information and Research

Our skilled Scientific Information Officers regularly consult for government and world agencies to provide:

  • research gathering
  • analysis
  • production of breastfeeding information

Our dedicated research team provides services to individuals and organisations around the world.

Resources for Health Professionals

We offer resources and research in lactation for health professionals and the general public.

You can access our Resources with Professional Membership or on a Fee-for-service basis.

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