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Breastfeeding friendly workplaces

Removing the workplace as a barrier to breastfeeding is critical in our efforts to improve breastfeeding rates in Australia. Research demonstrates that maternal employment directly impacts on both the initiation and duration of breastfeeding. The earlier the return to work after having a baby, the less likely women are to breastfeed or to exclusively breastfeed. There is no doubt too that workplace attitudes and facilities may impact on a breastfeeding mother’s decision regarding whether to continue breastfeeding when she returns to paid work after having a baby.

The Breastfeeding Friendly Workplace Program is an initiative of the Australian Breastfeeding Association. We have been working with organisations to support women in combining breastfeeding and work for many years. During this time we have worked with hundreds of organisations bringing together our expertise with practical experience in helping organisations facilitate their breastfeeding employees’ return to work.

Creating a supportive environment for breastfeeding employees is simple when you have the right tools. 

Many organisations contact ABA about the BFW program after an employee first suggests this to thier HR Manager. As an ABA member or volunteer you too can advocate for breastfeeding friendly workplaces. See the Breastfeeding Friendly Workplace pages for more information.