Breastfeeding ... with ABA

breastfeeding ... with ABA

Introducing ‘Breastfeeding … with ABA’, a new podcast and blog brought to you by volunteers from the Australian Breastfeeding Association. ‘Breastfeeding … with ABA’ is about breastfeeding - made by parents, for parents.

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When you’re a new mum or dad, you need information that’s easy to access and easy to understand. You need to know it’s from a source you can trust. Most of all you need support and understanding from people who know what you’re going through the changes a new baby brings. ABA was started in 1964 by a group of mums in a suburban loungeroom who wanted to breastfeed their babies and support each other. Fast forward to today and ABA is still supporting families to breastfeed their babies. The beauty of ‘Breastfeeding … with ABA’ is that it is by parents and for parents, but has the added benefit of being backed by 56 years of wisdom and, thanks to ABA’s Breastfeeding Information and Research team, is supported with up-to-date information that you can trust.

On the first season of ‘Breastfeeding … with ABA’, you will hear mothers who’ve been through it all talk about the early days after your baby is born — waiting for your milk to come in; dealing with or hopefully avoiding cracked nipples; breastfed babies and poo; managing our milk supply; sleep; crying and fussy babies; and most importantly, finding your village. We know that every challenge can be faced when you have your village around you. We know because we’ve faced them too.

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Teaser Episode

Introducing Breastfeeding with ABA, a new podcast brought to you by volunteers from the Australian Breastfeeding Association. 

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 3/7/2020Podcast presented by: Jessica Leonard

Season 1: Breastfeeding new babies and the early days of being a parent

2S1 EP 1Introducing Breastfeeding … with ABA

Why is breastmilk and breastfeeding important? And what is the Australian Breastfeeding Association (ABA)?

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Podcast transcript


Podcast presented by: Kathleen Mather, Kate Booth, Sky Mykyta

Special thanks to: Margaret Grove

Blog by: Sky Mykyta

3S1 EP 2Early days: what do you need to know?

Talking about preparing for breastfeeding.

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Podcast transcript

 3/12/2020Podcast presented by: Jennifer Hurrell, Nina Chad

Special thanks to: Monica Spillman

Blog by: Jessica Leonard

4S1 EP 3The juice on when my milk comes in

Breastmilk and breastfeeding in the first days.

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Podcast transcript


Podcast presented by: Belinda Chambers, Naomi Hull

Special thanks to: Sophie Fernandes

Blog by: Simone Casey

5S1 EP 4 Ouch! What happens when nipples crack?

Talking about sore or damaged nipples.

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Podcast transcript


Podcast presented by: Nicole Bridges, Simone Casey

Special thanks to: Jamie Errico

Blog by: Simone Casey

6S1 EP 5Breastfed babies and poo 

No one talks about poo more than a new parent!

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Podcast transcript


Podcast presented by: Andrea Wild, Arianwen Harris, Inez Hanson

Featuring: Joy Anderson

Special thanks to: Sara Varatharajan

Blog by: Simone Casey

7S1 EP 6Why is my supply low? Talking about breastmilk supply.28/01/2021

Podcast presented by: Belinda Chambers, Jennifer Hurrell

Special thanks to: Heather Miller

Blog by: Simone Casey

8S1 EP 7Breastfeeding … and sleepTalking about the feed-play-sleep furphy and what is normal for night-time sleep.11/02/2021

Podcast presented by: Naomi Hull, Simone Casey

Special thanks to: Natalie McGregor

Blog by: Simone Casey

9S1 EP 8Where is my village?Talking about support for mothers.25/02/2021

Podcast presented by: Emma Pennell, Inez Hanson, Jessica Leonard

Special thanks to: Nguyen Dao

Blog by: Emma Pennell

10S1 EP 9How to stop the top-upsInformation for mothers who want to exclusively breastfeed.11/03/2021

Podcast presented by: Jessica Leonard, Simone Casey

Blog by: Simone Casey 

11S1 EP 10Supporting the new mother and love without milkHow dads, partners, grandparents and loved ones can support new mums and babies.25/03/2021Podcast presented by: Karin Collinson, Daniel Spillman

Blog by: Jessica Leonard

Season 1 credits:
Produced by: Belinda Chambers, Sky Mykyta
Production lead: Jessica Leonard
Content leads: Eleanor Kippen, Myrna Hartley
Breastfeeding … with ABA team: Amanda McCormack, Andrea Wild, Eliza McCorquodale, Emma Pennell, Jennifer Hurrell, Kate Booth, Kathleen Mather, Laura Wellard, Madina Hajher, Naomi Hull, Nicole Bridges, Nitty Brown, Rachel Stewart, Steve Miller

With support from ABA National Office teams and supporting working groups: Breastfeeding Information and Research (BIR) team, Marketing and Operations team, Helpline Services and Volunteer Support team, Proofreading and Approval Working Group (PRAWG), The ABA Meme Team working group

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