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Make a Difference! Gain Breastfeeding is Welcome Everywhere recognition for your venue

Sign-up to the FREE Breastfeeding is Welcome Everywhere recognition with the Australian Breastfeeding Association! 

This recognition shines a spotlight on spaces venues and spaces where mums can feel comfortable and confident breastfeeding on the go. From shopping trips to exploring new areas or attending appointments, Breastfeeding is Welcome Everywhere recognises locations offering a safe, welcoming and respectful environment for breastfeeding

Why join our Breastfeeding is Welcome Everywhere initiative?

Discover the importance and benefits of being breastfeeding-friendly.

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Expand your customer base

By becoming recognised as a BWE venue, you open your doors to a broader demographic of customers, including mothers and families. This initiative demonstrates your commitment to providing a supportive and inclusive environment for all patrons, enhancing your reputation as a family-friendly establishment.


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Strengthening community ties

Joining our initiative allows you to actively contribute to the well-being of your local community. This can lead to increased loyalty among customers and positive word-of-mouth recommendations.

To be eligible your venue needs:

  • To be publicly and easily accessible for mothers, ensuring they can drop in for spontaneous visits.
  • Available to the general public
  • To have employees and management with welcoming attitudes

Here's what you'll receive in your recognition pack:

  • Bright and colourful BWE sticker, designed to be displayed at the entrance of your premise.
  • A selection of digital posters that can be easily printed and displayed.
  • Digital informative cards for both yourself and employees, offering valuable insights into FAQs related to breastfeeding rights in public and guidance on managing potential conflicts of interest.
  • Featured on ABA’s interactive online map, incorporating your venue name and address, further enhancing visibility and recognition within the community.*

*please note only venues that are readily accessible to member of the public will be featured on the map

Need additional Breastfeeding is Welcome Everywhere stickers?

Eligible venues are eligible for up to 5 free stickers per organisation.

Larger venues or organisations who need more than 5 stickers and government departments will be charged $2 per sticker (plus postage) to help provide sustainability to this free community program.

Please call our National Support Office 03 9690 4620 or email to arrange invoicing or payment by credit card.


Can an early childhood education and care service sign-up?

While we truly appreciate the enthusiasm of Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) services in joining this program. However, it's important to highlight that our primary focus is on identifying venues where mothers can comfortably breastfeed while out and about in the community.

That said, we're excited to introduce a brand new breastfeeding-friendly program tailored specifically for ECEC services.

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What type of venues are recognised as Breastfeeding is Welcome Everywhere?

The eligibility criteria for the BWE recognition focus on venues that are accessible to the general public. These encompass a range of spaces, including cafes, restaurants, shopping centres, libraries, community centres, and areas with waiting rooms.

Are hospitals and healthcare centre eligible for BWE recognition?

While we value the interest shown by hospitals and large medical establishments in supporting breastfeeding, unfortunately, they do not align with the specific criteria established for this program, which centres on enhancing breastfeeding-friendly environments in publicly accessible spaces frequented by the broader community.

It's worth noting that we have two distinct breastfeeding friendly services available for hospital environments, ensuring appropriate support within those settings.

Let's Get Started! Submit your Expression of Interest Form today!

By joining as a recognised Breastfeeding is Welcome Everywhere venue, you're creating a welcoming and safe environment that embraces mothers and families. Join us in making a difference!

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