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Get involved as a community venue

Help us create a supportive and welcoming environment for breastfeeding mothers. 

At times, most breastfeeding mums will need to feed their baby when they are away from home. However, research shows that many mums feel uncomfortable breastfeeding in public, which is a major barrier to continued breastfeeding. 

Creating a community where breastfeeding is welcomed and supported serves two purposes: 

  • It empowers mothers to feel comfortable breastfeeding their children wherever they are and whenever they need to be fed (which is a great outcome in itself) 

  • It increases the visibility of breastfeeding and therefore helps to normalise it in the general population. 

In addition to our Breastfeeding Friendly Workplaces accreditation program, the Australian Breastfeeding Association has two other initiatives that support breastfeeding outside the home.  

Breastfeeding Welcome Here

Our Breastfeeding Welcome Here initiative improves community support for breastfeeding in public by encouraging local venues and businesses to show their support for breastfeeding mums and babies.


Participating venues display ABA’s Breastfeeding Welcome Here sticker to help mums identify them as comfortable and supportive places to breastfeed. 

Participating venues include but are not limited to: 

          - Cafés and restaurants

          - Hairdressers 

          - Community centres 

          - Public Libraries 

Breastfeeding Welcome Here Logo Sticker

Baby Care Room

We present Baby Care Room awards to places in the community with suitable changing and feeding facilities for mums when they are away from home. 


Recognised Baby Care Rooms are awarded depending on their features.  

baby room