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Breastfeeding Welcome Here program

Who should use this form: 
Venue owners/managers/staff
When this form should be used: 
When wanting to register a venue for a Breastfeeding Welcome Here sticker
For help with this form contact:

The Australian Breastfeeding Association (ABA)'s Breastfeeding Welcome Here program was developed to improve community acceptability of breastfeeding in public through the promotion of breastfeeding friendly premises. These can be everything from a cafe to a hairdresser, community centre or public library.

Venues can receive a Breastfeeding Welcome Here sticker to display that they welcome breastfeeding on their premises. Mothers can look for the Breastfeeding Welcome Here sticker when out and about or check our website listings to find a breastfeeding friendly venue

Criteria for breastfeeding friendly venues to display the sticker are:

  • A welcoming attitude from staff and management
  • A smoke free environment
  • Room to move a pram

Finding a Breastfeeding Welcome Here venue is easy. You can search our Breastfeeding Welcome Here venues here.

The Breastfeeding Welcome Here sticker aims to compliment existing stickers previously produced by local breastfeeding coalition groups around Australia. ABA recognises and supports the work these groups have done around Australia.

The list of breastfeeding friendly venues in Australia is acquired mostly from those venues that have registered via the ABA website. ABA is aware that this list may not be complete at any given time as not all venues that support breastfeeding and display the Breastfeeding Welcome Here sticker have registered on our website.

Up to 5 stickers per organisation are available for free. Larger organisations requiring more than 5 stickers and government departments will be charged $2 per sticker (includes postage) to help provide sustainability to this free community program. Please call our head office to arrange invoicing or payment by credit card.

Breastfeeding Welcome Here stickers are available from:

Australian Breastfeeding Association
National Head Office
PO Box 33221
Ph: 03 9690 4620

If you:

  1. Have displayed the sticker
  2. Meet all three criteria:
    • Welcoming attitude from staff and management
    • Smoke free environment
    • Room to move a pram

You are welcome to register your premises as a breastfeeding friendly venue by completing the following form.

Breastfeeding Welcome Here registration

Your details
Organisation details
Postal address
You must provide a postal address for correspondence, including any stickers requested. If it is also your street address, please include enough information for our users to be able to find you!