The Australian Breastfeeding Association has worked with many organisations around Australia to help them support their breastfeeding employees. Through many years of this work, we have determined that there are three main criteria that determine a supportive workplace:

  1. Space - The organisation provides a private space for employees to feed their baby or express milk. 
  2. Time - The organisation has a Breastfeeding Policy that clearly outlines the support for lactation breaks to allow a mother time to feed/express during working hours.
  3. Support - The organisation has a comprehensive communication strategy in place for internal and external stakeholders. Supportive breastfeeding employees includes all the practical factors, but it importantly also means developing a cultural shift in your organisation to a workplace with a truly supportive breastfeeding environment. The cultural shift is achieved through a clear communication strategy and other workplace initiatives. 

Employers are encouraged to purchase and work through our comprehensive toolkits to implement these three criteria in your workplace. Each toolkit includes in-depth information on finding solutions to common problems that might be encountered, and also includes templates and examples to help make the implementation process a straightforward one. 

Working through the toolkits will also set your organisation up to be eligible for Breastfeeding Friendly Workplace Accreditation