How much does accreditation cost and what is included?

The Australian Breastfeeding Association offers the only recognised accreditation for breastfeeding friendly workplaces in Australia. 

Accreditation identifies your organisation as an employer of choice, with proven support in place for breastfeeding employees.

The cost of Breastfeeding Friendly Workplace Accreditation is dependent on the size and complexity of your organisation. A BFW Consultant can provide you with an appropriate quote.

Benefits include:

  • BFW Accreditation Resources. Resources for you and your employees to enhance your breastfeeding friendly status.
  • BFW Accreditation Stickers. For use on the doors of identified Breastfeeding/Expressing Rooms and in public areas.
  • BFW eNewsletter. Bi-monthly eNewsletter contains ideas and resources to maximise communication opportunities, along with latest research, news, changes to legislation and best practice updates.
  • BFW logo. Full rights to use the BFW logo in recruitment and retention strategies, public website and marketing material, intranet and internal documents.
  • BFW Return to Work Webinar. Discounted price $29 (normally $49) for staff of a BFW accredited organisation. Bulk purchases also available to BFW accredited organisations.
  • BFW Team. Ongoing support if you encounter any unusual or challenging situations in relation to the needs of your breastfeeding staff and/or aspects of the workplace. Our BFW Consultants are available to trouble shoot or provide support for the expansion of your Breastfeeding Friendly conditions.
  • Breastfeeding Resources. Available from BFW and ABA at a discounted rate.
  • Certificate of Accreditation. Accreditation certificate for display within accredited workplaces.
  • Colleague and Manager Cards. For communicating BFW accreditation throughout your organisation.
  • Communication Cards. For distribution to employees requesting maternity leave.
  • Communication Resources. A range of communication resources including content for staff announcements, a sample media release and presentation slides for inclusion in workplace inductions.
  • Listing, Announcement & Organisational Profile. Inclusion on the BFW website and via social media — a great opportunity for good company exposure.
  • Publicity and Media Opportunities. Opportunity to showcase your organisation's journey to BFW status via submission of an article/photos for potential inclusion in ABA’s Essence Magazine (circulation 13,500+) and/or the BFW eNewsletter.
  • Re-accreditation Audit. Annual. This ensures that your organisation continues to meet accreditation standards and has the opportunity to continue to improve towards industry best practice.
  • Subscription to ABA. A subscription for your organisation that includes copies of Essence magazine for staff lunch rooms or breastfeeding/expressing room plus a copy of ABA’s best-selling book Breastfeeding … naturally  for the workplace library.

By achieving Breastfeeding Friendly Workplace Accreditation, you are embedding breastfeeding as the cultural norm in your workplace, and giving back to the community by supporting the volunteer work of the Australian Breastfeeding Association.

To receive a confidential quotation please submit an Expression of Interest via the online webform.