How do we become a Breastfeeding Friendly Workplace?


BFW Accreditation: What is involved? 

    1. Appoint a project leader in your organisation.
    2. Submit an expression of interest to the Australian Breastfeeding Association to receive a quotation for BFW accreditation for your organisation. This quotation will be based on the size of your organisation, taking into consideration the number of staff, number and location of sites and type of industry to be covered. The quotation will include the cost of the BFW eToolkit as well as the cost of the accreditation audit. This quotation will be emailed to your organisation within one week of your EOI being submitted.
    3. Return your signed quotation to the BFW team. 
    4. Once the ABA receives your signed quotation, you will be enrolled in the BFW program and gain access to the BFW eToolkit.
    5. Work through the BFW eToolkit to put BFW accreditation requirements in place. Typically for small to medium organisations this can take 3-6 months and for large or multi-site organisations 6-9 months.
    6. Submit all of the required documentation via the BFW eToolkit portal.
    7. A member of the BFW team will assess your submitted documentation and liaise with you to organise site assessment(s) of your facilities.
    8. Within two weeks of site inspection taking place, the BFW Consultant will advise you in writing if your organisation has met the required standard for BFW accreditation.
    9. The BFW team will work with your organisation to ensure that BFW standards are met and troubleshoot as required to achieve accreditation.