Working Mothers

You can do it!

There are many elements for families to consider when a mother returns to work after maternity leave. It is common for women to be concerned about how they will manage to continue breastfeeding their baby and fulfil work commitments.

Establishing a successful breastfeeding relationship at birth is the first step in preparing to return to work. An ABA Breastfeeding Education Class while pregnant will help you to:

  • clarify what your breastfeeding goals are
  • identify the support available to you at work and from family
  • compile a Return to Work Plan. 

Good preparation means a smoother transition back to work.

The two most common areas of concern for women wishing to negotiate breastfeeding support in the workplace are:

  • what they are entitled to
  • how to raise the issue with their employer. 

The BFW Factsheets Your rights at workand Approaching your employer’ address these issues.

In an accredited Breastfeeding Friendly Workplace the groundwork is already done, so why not speak to your workplace about gaining accreditation?

What do I need to combine breastfeeding and work?

The key elements of support that you require are:

  • a private, comfortable space to breastfeed or express breastmilk
  • time during the working day to breastfeed or express
  • support from your employer and colleagues.

Breastfeeding Friendly Workplace Accreditation ensures the space, time and support is in place for you.

While many employers would like to provide breastfeeding support they are often unsure how to do so. Breastfeeding Friendly Workplace Accreditation enables them to do so quickly and simply.

Workplaces are most likely to adopt breastfeeding friendly practices when the need is identified from within.

By encouraging your workplace to seek Breastfeeding Friendly Workplace Accreditation, you are helping to make your workplace a better environment for all mothers.

Last reviewed: 
Jun 2016