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Commonly asked questions

How can this colour poo be normal?  

Parents often worry about what they see in their baby’s nappy. A breastfed baby’s poo can range in colour from yellow to mustard brown, even occasionally a greenish colour. The texture is usually a soft unformed consistency, sometimes with small curds. Read more.

My baby hasn’t pooed in a few days. Am I making enough milk?  

In the first few weeks most babies who are getting enough milk will do at least 3 poos a day -  but as time goes on this may reduce. There are some reliable ways to help you to know if you’re making enough milk. Find out more.

My baby sleep won't sleep. Will formula help?  

Many parents expect babies to sleep for longer, and more often, than they actually do. There are lots of reasons why babies are wakeful. It can help to understand how babies sleep and what’s normal. 

Formula feeding does not improve sleep and studies have shown that formula feeding may lead to the mum actually getting less sleep overall. Add to this that formula top-ups can affect how much milk you make. 

My baby is unsettled and wants to feed non-stop in the late afternoon and evening, have I run out of milk? 

It’s normal for babies to become unsettled and want to feed constantly (cluster feed) towards the end of the day. Many mums feel their milk supply is lower in the late afternoon/ early evening. 

Certainly, your breasts can feel like they are less full of milk than earlier in the day. Rest assured, milk is there, breasts are never totally empty. Find out more about cluster feeding.

Check with your doctor if you are still concerned. 

My baby is unsettled all the time. Is it something I ate? 

There are many myths about foods that breastfeeding mums should avoid. Most of the time your diet won’t affect your baby. There are many reasons why babies might be fussy or often cry. Find out more about why your baby might be unsettled.

Check with your doctor if you're still concerned. 

My breasts are all soft. Am I producing less milk? 

Over time, many mums notice their breasts no longer feel firm between feeds, especially at the end of the day. If your baby is feeding frequently, your breasts will be emptied regularly, and this is good for your milk supply.

The more often, and more completely your breasts are emptied, the faster they will make milk.
You also don’t have to wait for breasts to “fill up” to feed your baby, there’s always some milk there. Learn more.

Why does my baby vomit between feeds?

Some babies bring up milk between feeds and it’s common for parents to be concerned. If your baby doesn’t seem disturbed by it and isn’t in pain, it’s likely to be normal behaviour even though it is messy. Find out more about how what you can do to help reduce vomiting.

Check with your doctor if you're still concerned.

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