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Emergency resources for babies and toddlers

Resources to help you prepare, evacuate and recover

Check back often as the collection will continue to grow. Together we can help protect babies and young children in emergencies.

A range of printed resources from the bushfire project displayed at a local event

Emergency fact sheets

Caring for a baby or toddler in an emergency can come with specific challenges. The series of fact sheets below are specific to emergencies such as bushfires and floods. They will help you to feed and care for your baby safely through an emergency.

There are 6 fact sheets covering the following topics:

  • Breastfeeding

  • Expressed breastmilk (EBM) feeding

  • Hand expressing

  • Cup feeding

  • Blackouts and frozen breastmilk

  • Formula feeding

Evacuation kit lists

Packing an evacuation kit with all the items needed to care for your baby or toddler for at least 3 days is an important step you can take to prepare for an emergency.

The downloadable evacuation kit lists below will help you know what to pack for a:

  • breastfed baby

  • baby fed expressed breastmilk

  • toddler

  • baby fed formula